Pom Pom London x Wardrobe Foundation

“Delivering bags of confidence”

We are delighted to be collaborating with Wardrobe Foundation, a community-based organisation working across Wessex to provide high-quality, carefully selected garments to women in need of clothing support. Pom Pom London are committed to helping local organisations, and being just down the road from our HQ, Wardrobe Foundation was the perfect fit.  

Recent feedback from a Support Worker via Wardrobe Foundation:

"Just a little email to say thank you so much for the beautiful clothes bundles. Two of our support staff dropped into yesterday and came back so excited having seen it all and have such lovely gifts to give to their clients. Just 
to say a massive thank you, it really is so lovely to be able to give our clients 
something they need." (February 2024)

Many women in the UK have been victims of domestic abuse or have battled homelessness. That is why Wardrobe Foundation works tirelessly to deliver clothing gift bags that are personally tailored to each recipient’s size, personal style, and clothing needs. Each gift bag contains approximately 18 items, along with a unique message and a handmade lavender heart. The fact the clothing bags themselves, which hold the items, are also crafted from old garments makes these packages even more special. 

As a brand that sells handbags, Pom Pom London was particularly drawn to the Wardrobe Foundation, whose mission of “delivering bags of confidence" perfectly aligns with our commitment to empowering individuals through fashion. We believe that the right accessory can be transformative, providing a confidence boost to those who wear them, that's why we are regularly sending a selection of our samples and seconds bags.

Wardrobe Foundation is doing a fantastic, meaningful job, and we are excited to donate our products, hoping to bring a smile to those who receive them.

Check out the Wardrobe Foundation's Website: https://wardrobefoundation.co.uk/