Care Guide

As leather is a natural material using simple care instructions will prolong the life of your Pom Pom London product.
Using a slightly damp cloth should help remove small marks or dirt.
Avoid using chemical products as this is likely to damage not only the leather but hardware also.
Suede is a type of leather that has a unique look and feel which can make it more difficult to maintain. It is easily scuffed, scratched and damaged by water but like leather the better you care for it the longer it will last.
We recommend spraying the suede regularly with a protector which will resist water penetration and guards against stains. To remove surface dirt use a fine brush or sponge to restore its fibres.
Caution - due to the dying process there may be some colour transfer from the suede on to light coloured clothing. 
Both leather and suede products should be stored in their dust bags, away from direct sunlight and heat such as radiators. A cool, dry place is ideal.